About North Delta Aikikai

Chief Instructor:

Kim and TL

Hello, my name is Kim Riddick, and I’m the chief instructor (dojo-cho) of North Delta Aikikai. My rank is 5th degree blackbelt (yondan) from the Canadian Aikido Federation (CAF). I’m currently a CAF shidoin for the province of British Columbia.

I started aikido with Scott MacPhail Sensei in Victoria at the age of 10 in the children’s class, then continued with Cecil Paris Sensei and Ishu Ishiyama Shihan in the Greater Vancouver area. In 2006, I moved to Tokyo, Japan to train at Hombu Dojo, the aikido world headquarters, for 3 years. My most influential teachers have been Yukio Kawahara Shihan, past CAF technical director, and Hayato Osawa Shihan, the current CAF technical director from Hombu Dojo.

Over the past 30 years, what I love the most about aikido is how dynamic practice can be with a training partner. How, you might ask? By being fully engaged as both nage (person doing the technique) and uke (person receiving the technique), both of us acknowledging the importance of each role, both of us mutually benefiting from each other’s training, and both of us respecting each other’s practice. The feeling I get from the connection and energy with my training partner is wonderful.

What I want to share with my students is my enthusiasm and understanding of aikido from my years of practice and reflection. What I would like to see is my students’ aikido growing into a dynamic practice. It’s the right time in my own journey to transmit the important aikido lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn from my past and present teachers. I hope a student’s first steps on the mats will lead to a rich and fulfilling martial art experience.

Assistant Instructor:

TL and Darcy

Hi, I’m Tse-Lynn Loh, assistant instructor at North Delta Aikikai and I have a third degree black belt (sandan) in aikido from the Canadian Aikido Federation.

Because of work and studies, I’ve lived and practiced in a number of places. I started aikido in 1997 with Harry Ng Shihan (master instructor, 7th dan) in Singapore, and have since trained under Deborah and Keith McDuffie Senseis (3rd dan, Wilmington NC), Hawk Durham Sensei (4th dan, Chicago IL), and Ishu Ishiyama Shihan (7th dan, Vancouver BC).

What kept me going in my practice over 20 years is the feeling of connection and flow with my partners on the mat. Although there is a limited number of techniques in the art, the variations are endless, and practice is continually refreshing and engaging. When you hear aikido described as a martial art, you might think it has something to do with “kicking ass” or physical dominance over another person. However, one of the most eye-opening aspects of my aikido journey is how much power can be generated from the total relaxation of a unified mind and body, and letting go of the need to control. These are difficult concepts to translate into physical form and practice for sure, but I welcome you all to accompany me on this journey.

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