“A new Aikido dojo in Delta taught by a very experienced teacher and assistant. I have known Kim Sensei for many years and trained with him. I have also trained at a number of other dojos in Canada and overseas over the years. Don’t let Kim Sensei’s soft-spoken demeanour fool you. Kim Sensei is an outstanding, powerful martial artist and instructor. I highly recommend training under him. If you are new to Aikido I most recommend that you check out a class and speak to Kim Sensei or his assistant Tse-Lynn Sensei.”


“I was so happy to finally be able to practice Aikido close to home! Thank you to Kim Sensei and Tse-Lynn Sensei for an amazing semester. I appreciate your knowledge, patience, and lessons. Looking forward to another semester!”


“I practice Aikido with the desire to move in a calm and intended manner.  Kim Sensei has been an invaluable teacher to help me with this goal.  His classes emphasize an adherence to true technique, not muscular force, as an important priority.  He promotes an understanding of movement, and how your body is presenting itself to others.

I appreciate that Kim Sensei has spent a good part of his life considering the finer points of Aikido, seeking out the best of teachers worldwide, and then sharing this learning with his students.

He provides a traditional, but yet relaxed environment.  It is an atmosphere where you feel no fear of making mistakes, as there is no criticism, only encouragement.

His great combination of patience and support, with genuine kindness, makes learning infectious.”


“This is my first experience with any form of martial arts and I am totally satisfied after participating in the fall 2017 session. The instructors are very qualified and caring and show great sensitivity to each student’s progress. I feel quite fortunate to have such a high level of Aikido training available here in North Delta and recommend it to one and all. I look forward to our next session! Thank-you Kim Sensei and Tse-Lynn Sensei”


“I started Aikido just over 2 years ago and Kim Sensei was my instructor for most of my first year as beginner and from time to time since.

Kim Sensei shows keen understanding of the difficulties beginners face.   He teaches with concern for doing techniques the right way from the start.  Of course a beginner’s way will be less than perfect, but Kim Sensei is super-patient.  He will explain and demonstrate the same point class after class if needed without any hint of frustration.  As a beginner, getting to the stage of being able to fall and roll was difficult for me, as it is for many.  But Kim Sensei could see from the “I just can’t do that yet” look on my face that it would just take more time for me.  With his patient help I eventually managed it.

Even with my limited knowledge of Aikido, it’s obvious to me that Kim Sensei is a highly skilled practitioner as well as an excellent instructor.  His skill goes well beyond technical proficiency to the “Aikido way” of doing things, creating harmony in all aspects of life at the dojo.

Finally, a word or two of my Aikido experience in general, that has now reached 2+ years thanks to Kim Sensei’s shepherding.  I started at age 60.   (Start much earlier if you can, but it’s never too late!)   I have found Aikido provides all-round exercise, with its stretching, moderately strenuous activity, and need to engage in thinking too.  A great exercise regime for any age!”


“Kim Sensei is a thoughtful and encouraging instructor.  He helped me build a strong foundation of basics.  His classes are informative, welcoming and fun.”


“I have been taking aikido classes for several years now and experienced many different instructors both at my home dojo as well as at other local dojos and at various seminars and summer camps I have attended over the years. Among all these instructors, Kim Sensei has been one of my most favourites.

What I particularly like about his classes is that he focuses on ukemi (which is the art of receiving a technique from one’s practice partner) in a way that makes the interaction between the two practice partners not only very safe but also very interactive – that is, it helps both partners to pay attention to and therefore really feel what the other partner is doing and thus allows both partners to adjust their body movements to teach other. In my opinion, taking good ukemi is the most difficult but also the most important part of aikido, since it helps create the beautiful flow of aikido techniques and since it also protects both partners from getting injured.

In addition to having the gift of taking – as well as teaching – ukemi so well, Kim Sensei is also really good at demonstrating and explaining techniques really clearly and step by step. This allows beginners to perform even some of the complex aikido movements right from class 1 on and helps more advanced students to into the habit of performing their techniques more accurately. Because Kim Sensei is a very calm, friendly, patient and kind person by nature, and because he has a high sense of responsibility, students feel welcome, comfortable, at ease, and very well taken care of in his aikido classes.

In short, I would describe Kim Sensei as an excellent teacher and can only recommend you that you check out his aikido classes to see for yourself.”


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